Course Reserves

Reserve items should be books, photocopies or other materials you require students to use. Please avoid placing “optional reading” materials on reserve. Experience tells us that these are rarely used.

Reserve materials may include WPC Library materials or your personal copies. You may specify whether the material may be photocopied by students or checked out overnight.

Please note that materials you have obtained through interlibrary loan from other libraries may not be placed on reserve.

The Library Staff are available to assist you in locating materials to place on reserve. A different edition or related work may be an appropriate substitute for unavailable materials.

Guidelines for choosing to place materials on reserve:

  1. An assignment requires each student to choose an essay or story from a particular book or set of books.
  2. You are requiring students to do an assignment on the same subject. Materials on that subject should be placed on reserve to assure that all students will have access to the materials.
  3. You require each student or group of students to view a video, listen to a CD or record, or use special materials.
  4. You wish to make available study guides, answer keys or sample tests. You may specify whether or not students may make photocopies of the materials. Please note, however, that library staff cannot monitor compliance with photocopy restrictions.
  5. Due to limitations in space, staffing and time, we ask that materials that are not directly related to assignments not be placed on reserve. Experience indicates that students rarely consult materials that are not required.

Copyright laws regarding fair use will be strictly adhered to with regard to reserve materials.

  • Original materials should be preferred over photocopies whenever possible. If the library owns the book or periodical, the original should be placed on reserve. Students may make their own photocopies from the original on reserve, if they wish.
  • Any photocopied materials submitted for reserve by faculty must have a complete citation and include a photocopy of the copyright statement from the original.
  • The number of photocopies of an individual article or book chapter should be no more than one per six students enrolled in the course.
  • No compilations (music, video, etc.) made by the instructor from copyrighted materials will be placed on reserve.

Permission from the copyright holder must be obtained for the following situations:

  1. Use of more than one photocopy of an item (multiple copies).
  2. Continued use of photocopies for more than one term.
  3. Photocopying an entire work (book, poem, song, etc.)
  4. Copying more than one article from a single collection or periodical issue.

Faculty members are responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holder when needed and providing the library with verification of permission before the start of the second semester in which the item is to be on reserve.

Personal copies of books, records, or compact discs may be placed on reserve. If you plan to use the material more than one semester, a copy of the material should be ordered and added to the library collection.

Please allow no less than 72 hours (3 days) for materials to be processed and available to students.