Sports & Recreation Management (SRM 230): How to Use the Library Catalog

SRM 230 Introduction to Sports Management

How to Search for Books and Articles

When starting any search for resources, it is best to start broad and narrow through process of discovery.

This guide is divided into two sections to provide a start in locating your own resources:  & .

What if Warner doesn't own the book or article?


If Warner Pacific University Library does not own a physical copy or an electronic copy of a book, article, CD/DVD, you still have options:


  • You can order books, articles, DVDs, and CDs from other libraries through Orbis Cascade Alliance Summit system, through the Warner online library catalog, which is comprised of 30 universities and colleges in Pacific Northwest. There are 30 million books and other media that is available to you. 

  • Just order it and it will be here in a few days. Your tuition covers the cost, so take advantage of this for research materials that WPC does not own. 

  • You can order as many items as you like from Summit, and it can be fun stuff too, not just school related. 

  • Questions about how to order a book or article from Summit? Email or call the Service Desk at 503) 517- 1102.


  • If you cannot find an item in the online library catalog, you can use Interlibrary Loan, which gets books and other materials from the rest of the United States. Inter-library loan can take ten days to two weeks for delivery.

  • Interlibrary loan service assures Warner students of access to any journal article needed for their research. If you have determined that Warner Pacific does not have the needed material and that it is not available through a databases, ask for an Inter-library loan request form at the Service Desk.  

  • The WorldCat library catalog will show you which libraries have the item you are searching for. 

Library Search

[Step 1] Starting at the library's webpage,, we will look for resources on sports management

sports management library search

[Step 2] Results will be displayed for Warner's library and all the libraries in the Summit. To view what is physically at the Warner Library only, click the "Available in the library" link.

Search results

[Step 3] We notice there are several words in the titles of books which could help us expand our search. Instead of using only the term management, we could also use the terms "director" or "administration" in conjunction with "sports". 

Other terms

[Step 4] With the addition of these new terms, we find almost 2,000 more resources held in Warner's library.