Sports & Recreation Management (SRM 230): How to Use EBSCOhost Search

SRM 230 Introduction to Sports Management

How to Search for Books and Articles

When starting any search for resources, it is best to start broad and narrow through process of discovery.

This guide is divided into two sections to provide a start in locating your own resources:  & .

Get Full Text

What is Full Text vs. Indexed Article?

- Full text means that the entire article is available to read and download.

- Indexed articles means that the citation and abstract of the article are available, but not the entire article.

If you don't see the PDF button of the article, click on the Green WP "Check for Full Text" button. This will search for the article in other databases or for the print version on the shelf. 


EBSCOhost Search

[Step 1] Access the EBSCOhost tab at Warner's library webpage, http:\\ We will enter search terms "Sports" and "Management".

EBSCOhost search

[Step 2] We have found a large number of resources, so we can use Advanced Search to change a search to limit the results.

[Step 3] We will set a limiter for Full Text, Scholarly, and set the year from to 2000. We will not need to set the month or year to date.

[Step 4] Now we have limited from 17 thousand to about 1,600 results, but this is still a lot. In the next step we will try to limit the results further with another term.

[Step 5] We can filter the results more with an additional term. The example here is adding the term administration. Our result list is reduced to 300.

[Step 6] Maybe we want to find something else associated with sports management, such sporting events. We can replace instead of administration in the second line, we can add events. Result number 2 looks really good.