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Steps to finding full text availability:

For articles that do not have full text availability, check Google ScholarWorldCat, or the WPU Library can order them via ILL for you.

Once you have searched for articles in Biological Abstracts/PubMed/Medline, etc. you may need to do additional searches for full text articles. Because these databases are citation indexes, full text articles may not be available. Links provided may direct you to publisher's websites but you may hit a paywall, asking you to pay for the article you are searching for. As a WPU student, you should not pay for articles when there are other ways to obtaining quality, scholarly articles.

  1. One way to find full text availability is by using Google Scholar. Google Scholar should be used to find specific articles, not to do article searching in.  Indexes like Biological Science and PubMed provide the most current peer reviewed literature  in tier one publications that your professors are expecting you to use. Using the widget below, you should be using a citation or article title to search Google Scholar. If a full text article is available, it will be linked on the right hand side indicated by [PDF]. See example. 

  1. Another way to find full text availability is by utilizing WorldCat. WorldCat is a database that finds articles, books and other library materials available through other libraries. When you use WorldCat, you are resource sharing with other institutions. This is called an Interlibrary Loan. WorldCat also provides links to articles. You may be able to find a full text article without having to put in a request. Using the widget below, first search by article title. Then select the article link if available. See example. 

  1. If your article is not available via Google Scholar or WorldCat, you can also place an ILL request for the article through WPU Library. Please email the citation of the article to Jeff Barnhardt, Circulation Supervisor at jbarnhardt@warnerpacific.edu. He can place a request for you. 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

How to Find Full Text in Google Scholar

Full Text availability includes a title, abstract, author information, body of the article, references and publication information. An indexed article is typically a title, abstract and publication information. 
Indexes do not always have full text availability, so if you are using an index like Biological Abstracts, PubMed or MedLine, you may have to do additional searches to locate the full article.
The most common and expedient way to find a full text articles is through Google Scholar.
Step 1) Type the journal article title you found in Biological Abstracts or PubMed in the Google Scholar search box. If an article's full text is available, it will be linked on the right hand side (see yellow highlighted area). 
Step 2) Follow the link to see if there is full text availability. Sometimes this will be the link to the article abstract page of the publisher’s with a paywall. If this happens, you may have to search another platform like WorldCat.

Interlibrary Loans via World Cat

Search for an item in libraries near you:
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Interlibrary Loans

An additional way to find a full text articles is through WorldCat. WorldCat is a a global catalog of library collections. You can search for books, music, video, articles and much more at a library near you. 

Step 1: Search WorldCat with article title.

Step 2: Follow the links to "View full text" or if those do not provide full text articles, you can request the article through Interlibrary Loans. Simply follow the button "Request Item through Interlibrary Loan" and type your first and last name, date you need the article by (at least 2 weeks time) and your WPU email. The article may arrive sooner than 12 days.