Nursing: How to Find Articles

The content in this guide is designed as a library resource to assist students and faculty in subject Nursing research.

Get Full Text

What is Full Text vs. Indexed Article?

- Full text means that the entire article is available to read and download.

- Indexed articles means that the citation and abstract of the article are available, but not the entire article.

If you don't see the PDF button of the article, click on the Green WP "Check for Full Text" button. This will search for the article in other databases or for the print version on the shelf. 


Find Articles in General Databases

How do I get a PDF of a e-journal article?

If a database has full text offerings, either a PDF or HTML text of an article will be available. If not, you may have to place a request for the library to obtain a copy. This is called an Interlibrary Loan. It's easy and free for WPU students to request articles. Just click the link and fill out your student information. When a copy of the article is available, it will be emailed to your WPU email account. It takes about 1-3 days to locate articles, so give your research some time! 

Find Articles in Health Databases