MLA Formatting: Annotated Bibliography Example

This resource can help you with questions you may have around MLA; this document will show you have to properly format in-text citations, form block quotes, structure a cover page, etc. Think of it as your MLA "cheat sheet"!

Annotated Bibliography Example

Nehren 12




Kurimanzutto. Dr. Lakra,

With Dr. Lakra being a newer artist recognized in the art history world, there is still new emerging information coming out about him and his works, daily. Dr. Lakra, also known as Jerónimo López Ramíez, creates his tattoo imagery on “appropriated posters … magazines and postcards, his practice encompasses mural paintings, collage and sculpture.” Through his works, Dr. Lakra pushes the boundaries of what is perceived as art as he juxtaposes symbols and iconography on the skins of famous and iconic individuals, creating, retelling and rewriting the narratives and histories of his canvases. With exhibits all around the world, the Kurimanzutto exhibit has been one of the proud exhibits to have displayed his works in recent years.




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