How to Access Subscriptions: New York Times Online (NYT)

This guide explains how to create an account to use the library's online access to the New York Times.

Key Features of Academic Pass provides full access to The New York Times and International New York Times content. These features includes but isn't limited to: breaking news, multimedia, reviews and opinion, blogs, videos, etc. From the home page, a user may access the many sections available.

International Edition

Including Paris, London, Hong Kong and New York, The International New York Times option provides readers with various news coverage from other areas of the globe. Users are able to read the International Edition with simple navigational tools on both the web and mobile apps. Users are also able to read the Chinese Edition on the web.

Today’s Paper

The Today’s Paper section is available to the user to read all of the current day’s print content in a digital format.

Sharing Articles allows the user to email articles (to even non-subscribers) and share news info via various social media tools, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. This option further allows the user to retrieve saved articles.Via the available permalink feature, hyperlinks can be added to any Course Management System.

Most Read & Recommended Articles lists the most read and most viewed articles by readers daily. It also allowed recommended for you articles.


Users have the ability to access using phone and tablet apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Kindle Fire.

Historical Coverage institutional subscriptions provide full access to New York Times articles published between 1851 through 1922, and between 1981 through present day. However, access to years 1923-1980 is limited for institutional subscribers.

Search features a search box with result-filtering that includes date range, article type, and authors. The search box provides access to articles, columns, videos, blogs, features, obituaries, and more.

Times Topics

Times Topics pages cover people, subjects, organizations, and places. It also provides other resources from around the web that have been peer-reviewed by researchers and editors of The New York Times.

Register for Access

How to get started?

You must be on campus using a campus computer with ethernet, not WiFi!

Follow these directions to register for a Group Pass, and receive full access to NYTimes news and multimedia.

New Users

1) From a networked computer on campus visit

2) Use your Warner Pacific University email address to create a free NYTimes account.

3) You have completed the process of obtaining a Group Pass when you see the START YOUR ACCESS screen.

4) After this step, you are able to enjoy access to, and NYTimes mobile apps simply by logging into your account. 

Download Free Moble Apps

1) Visit

Phones: Mobile apps for Android, Windows, and iPhone/iPod Touch phones are included as part of the Academic Group Pass.

Tablets: Mobile apps for Tablets are not included in the Academic Group Pass. However, you can access the mobile site (

Questions? Check out the FAQs available in this guide. You may also contact the library if you have any questions about the Library's subscription.

Faculty Resources

As a curriculum resource to connect educators to current worldwide events, faculty have access to The New York Times in Education and The New York Times in Leadership. Such resources include daily articles with questions, webcasts with New York Times journalists, discussion questions, and more.

New York Times Online Access

Access full online access to The New York Times

All Warner Pacific University students, faculty and staff can access news at and NYTimes mobile apps.


Please contact the Otto F. Linn Library staff if you have any questions.

You must be on campus using a campus computer with ethernet, not WiFi!


"Why use the Group Pass to read The New York Times online?"

The New York Times requires a paid subscription for full access to its website, The Group Pass gives you unlimited access to all its content on the site (year 1851 to present day), with the exception of a limited number of articles from 1923 to 1980.

"I already have a Times digital subscription, which gives me unlimited access to What should I do?"

If you already have an existing digital subscription, you are not eligible to active the Group Pass. Please contact (support for institutions) to discuss further or additional options.

"What are the restrictions, if any?"

You need to connect to the providing organization's network to activate the Group Pass. In addition, at this time, access to articles ranging from 1923 to 1980 is limited to five (5) articles on each day of your Group Pass.

"Can I access The New York Times outside of my organization's network?"

Yes, as long as you have previously activated your Group Pass.

"Can I access The New York Times from my mobile devices?"

Absolutely, you can access and on any device with a browser. Also, mobile apps for iPhone/iPod Touch, Android  and Windows phones are included as part of Academic Pass. Regarding tablets, you can access via the mobile site (

Additional questions?

Please contact