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How to best use Reference Books

A common types of reference material that you may come across as a researcher is the ENCYCLOPEDIA. 

- An encyclopedia is a work of reference or compendium that has articles or entries on a topic or a range of topics. These brief articles are factual. In many cases, encyclopedia are written by experts and considered authoritative sources of information. 

- Wikipedia is a web-based encyclopedia that it is open-source and editable by anyone. This has its pros and cons, so double check your sources and  information. Many professors do not deem Wikipedia to be a creditable source, so you think twice before using it in your reference or work cited pages. 

- That doesn't mean you should not use Wikipedia at all. You might find your topic by perusing Wikipedia. You may also use the encyclopedias located on the outer shelves of the main reading room of the WPC Library. Ask the Service Desk if you do not know where to find the encyclopedias in the library. 

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Types of Reference

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