Student COVID-19 Resources : Registrar Updates

Information about services and tools for students during remote learning during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Summer Courses!

Dear Students,


We are excited to be offering two different options for online courses this summer. Summer courses are a great way for you to maintain academic progress and stay on track with your expected graduation date.


Note: If you are thinking about summer classes, please contact Student Financial Services ( to discuss summer tuition costs and aid options.


WP Courses

The following courses are being offered online. Each course is for 5 weeks and you can register online using the standard registration process.  


May 25 - June 28, 2020



Advanced Composition: Argument

Meets Core Requirement: Writing


Faith, Living and Learning

Meets Core Requirement: HUM 310


Spirituality, Character, Service

Meets Core Requirement: REL 320


Race and Ethnic Relations

Meets Core Requirement: Diversity


ST: Research Methods & Stats

Social Sciences major course


June 29 - August 2, 2020



Intro to Business & Finance

Business major course


Intro to Microsoft Office

Meets Core Requirement: Information Technology


Advanced Composition: Argument

Meets Core Requirement: Writing


Humanities Colloquy: War & Peace

Meets Core Requirement: Ethics


Juvenile Delinquency

Social Sciences major/elective course


Special Arrangement



Senior Humanities Seminar

By special arrangement; requires instructor permission


Fall Registration!

We are excited to announce it is time for traditional students to start planning and registering for the 2020-2021 Academic Year.

  • April 6: Schedule Planning Available for ALL STUDENTS
  • April 6: Registration Available for Current WP Juniors and Seniors (60+ total credits)
  • April 13: Registration Available for ALL STUDENTS

Please contact your advisor to set up an advising appointment so that you can start planning for next year.


We are also excited to announce that we have new schedule planning and registration tools available to you. Please watch this video tutorial to learn how to use these tools:


Our prayers continue to be with you and your families during this time.