APA Formatting: How Do I Do: A Cover Page?

This resource can help you with questions you may have around APA; this document will show you have to properly format in-text citations, form block quotes, structure a cover page, etc. Think of it as your APA "cheat sheet"!

What is a Cover Page?

Here is some information you should know when formatting your cover page:

  • You need to include your running head and page number at the top of your page throughout your entire work


  • The title of your writing. This must be less than 50 characters, spaces and punctuation included; if not, then you need to shorten the title, according to APA structure and formatting


  • Following the title of your writing, you need to include your name, the name of your affiliated institution, the course title and number, as well as the date of submission


  • Everything on this page is to be double spaced

Cover Page Example - Blank

Running head: THE TITLE OF YOUR WORK GOES HERE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Page Number




Title of Your Work



Your First and Last Name

The Institution You Are Affiliated With

Course Number and Title

Professor or Instructor’s Name














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