APA Formatting: How Do I Do: An Annotated Bibliography

This resource can help you with questions you may have around APA; this document will show you have to properly format in-text citations, form block quotes, structure a cover page, etc. Think of it as your APA "cheat sheet"!

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

Here is some information you should know when formatting your annotated bibliography:


          Annotated bibliographies are incredibly helpful in the writing process and when you are organizing your thoughts, writing, and research into a cohesive work. Often, this is asked for by instructors or other researchers, but the benefits can greatly transform your work and help you incorporate strong evidence to support your argument or discussion. What an annotated bibliography is, is a list of your references and research, followed by a short summary of what the resource was about. When you are writing, this, make sure that your summary is relevant and provides you with a useful and specific reminder as to how this research will tie into your writing and work. Here are some guidelines for when you are writing an annotated bibliography:


  • Your annotated bibliography needs to start on a new page from the rest of your writing, with the title of the page being centered and at the top


  • All your sources need to be in alphabetical order


  • Your summary can be between 100 – 200 words


  • When writing your annotated bibliography, keep in mind some of these helpful points of information that can help you focus your brief summaries:


  • Who is the audience you are trying to captivate?


  • What is the relevance or importance of this source as it relates to your writing?


  • Who are the individuals who produced this research and what makes them credible?


  • What are the significant findings or arguments of this work?


  • What research methods were used for collecting data, and are they sound practices?


  • What is the quality of the research done and is the work thorough?

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