APA Formatting: How Do I: Format a Block Quote

This resource can help you with questions you may have around APA; this document will show you have to properly format in-text citations, form block quotes, structure a cover page, etc. Think of it as your APA "cheat sheet"!

What Are Block Quotes?

Here is some information you should know when formatting your block quotes:


          Block quotes give you, the writer, the ability to utilize larger sections of text as supporting evidence and information in your writing. Block quotes are direct quotes that are inserted into your work, but are formatted differently than smaller direct quotes and paraphrasing. Here are some basic guidelines on what makes a block quote, and how you are to format and structure them in your own writing:


  • Any direct quote that is longer than 40 words needs to be put into block quote formation


  • Block quotes do not need quotation marks around them


  • Proper formatting includes starting the block quote on a new line from your paragraph, not indenting the first sentence of the quote but rather indenting the entire quote ½  an inch into the paper


  • Block quotes can be single-spaced for the purpose of visually differentiating this body of text from the rest of your writing


  • Your citation for will go at the end of the quote, like it would anywhere else you cite in your paper. Make sure to follow the appropriate in-text citation formation as it relates to the source you are using

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