APA Formatting: How Do I Do: A Reference Page

This resource can help you with questions you may have around APA; this document will show you have to properly format in-text citations, form block quotes, structure a cover page, etc. Think of it as your APA "cheat sheet"!

What is a Reference Page?

Here is some information you should know when formatting your reference page:


          An APA reference page is a new page that goes at the end of your writing, where you list out all the resources you cited throughout your paper. Any and all sources you utilized needs to go into this page for credit purposes; here are some guidelines that you can follow when forming your reference page:


  • Your reference page must be made on a new page that is separate from your writing; it should be found at the end of your work, being the past page(s) of your writing


  • Your reference page should be headed with the title, “References” at the top center of your page


  • This page should also include your “Running head” and a continuation of your page count


  • All your sources must be in alphabetical order


  • Make sure that you are following APA outlines when handwriting your references, or that you are using an accredited citation generator


  • When listing out your citations, the first line is always to the left side of the page, and any subsequent lines following it are to be indented ½ and inch, once to the right

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